Thank you Esther!
Will send a higher quality photo when we get one from the photographer, but it was so beautiful.
And a taste of my childhood, our sincere thanks 🙂

Daniel and Darcy

Wedding Cake

My Story

My love of cake started at a very early age. My Mom used to make my brother and me wonderfully fun and creative birthday cakes. As soon as I was old enough I was cooking by her side, learning all I could from her. All of a sudden at the age of 15 I was doing cakes for all my family and friends.
I graduated from Florida International University of Business School in 2003, and I have been working in the cake business for more than 20 years, beign a very strong leader in the industry. In 2013 my dream come true, I become half owner of Sweet Art by Lucila together with Lucila Jimenez and her partners, that was my last input, learning from such as wonderful woman, how to keep a customer happy, "always giving to them, good quality product and good service."

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